Being A Collection of Works in the Popular Style

Let me distill Buddhism down for you...


The physical world exists, and we exist in it. Everything else is theory.

Interesting Note from "I Write Like"
I just put a story of mine in to the "I Write Like" analyzer, which tells you which famous author your writing most resembles.

Apparently my writing is reminiscent of J.D. Salinger. Which is quite interesting to me, given that "Catcher in the Rye" was and is my favorite book.

Subconscious influence? Mayhaps. I certainly never tried to imitate anyone's style.

I Watched "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" and I Have This to Report
BROTHER RAMIREZ: And you? Outside of evil, what else have you managed to do? It seems to me you once had a wife someplace.

TUCO: (Turns back around, hiding the fact that he had been crying, he answers angrily and defensively) Not one, lots of them! One here, one there, wherever I found them! Go on, preach me a sermon, Pablo.

BROTHER RAMIREZ: (Shakes head) What good would that be? Just keep on the way you're going. Go away... and the Lord have mercy on your soul.

TUCO: I'll go! I'll go! While I'm waiting for the Lord to remember me, I, Tuco Ramirez, brother of Brother Ramirez, will tell you something. You think you're better than I am? Where we came from, if one did not want to die of poverty, one became a priest or a bandit. You chose your way, I chose mine. Mine was harder! You talk of our mother and father! You remember when you left to become a priest I stayed behind! I must have been ten, twelve, I don't remember which, but I stayed! I tried, but it was no good! Now I am going to tell you something... you became a priest because you were too much of a coward to do what I do.

(Brother Ramirez slaps Tuco across the face. Tuco throws a punch and knocks his brother down. Tuco helps him back to his feet, and begins to leave.)

BROTHER RAMIREZ: Tuco! (Tuco stops, very upset, and then leaves.) Please forgive me, brother.

Thank you for that, Mr. Leone. What a moment! What a film!

My 10 Favorite Dance Tracks
Little known fact about Me: Daft Punk's epic debut album "Homework" was the very first CD I ever owned.

Whatever else one may say about the French, they know their house music.

1. High Life by Daft Punk

2. Feeling for You by Cassius

3 The Music Sounds Better with You by Stardust (aka Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk)

4 Your Love by Frankie Knuckles (Sexy song. Very much old school.)

5. Mr Vain by Culture Beat (Goddamnit if I don't have this song memorized.)

6 You're Free by Yomanda

7 Because the Night by Jan Wayne

8 Walking Away by The Egg (Tocadisco Remix)

9. Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay

10. Romeo by the Basement Jaxx


Magic Everywhere In This Bitch! (or: Goddamn Juggalos)

One of the characteristics I look for and admire in friends and acquaintances is sincerity. People who BELIEVE in things fascinate me to no end, mostly because I was born with a conspicuous lack of ability to take anything seriously for more than a few hours, but also because I love being around PASSION.

Now, the following video from Insane Clown Posse shows that my feelings are wrong:


(No, seriously, what the fuck IS up with magnets? And I don't want to hear from you motherfucking scientists.)



Memento Mori
God, the Middle Ages were fascinatingly creepy.

Remember that you too must die.

Or as Hamlet said, staring into the eye holes of Yorick's skull, "Now get you to my lady's chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come; make her laugh at that."

Is it weird that I like looking at morbid/melancholic things when I am in a GOOD mood?

That has been my major breakthrough in the last few weeks - finding new ways every day to affirm the beauty of life. Trying to live up to the challenge of doing something I am afraid of EVERY SINGLE  DAY.

I am finding joy in exercise, in friendship, in art, in food, in drugs, in everything I can! I danced the samba on Bourbon Street with an Indiana Pacers cheerleader (wearing a Pacer's shirt no less!) I danced in a club for the first time, drunk as hell for the first time. Nice restaurants, good movies, heart to heart chats in the middle of deserted football stadiums.

Isn't life, at its best, a collection of beautiful moments? I feel as though my heart has been bursting with love for the world in the last few weeks.
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Being Ten Words That Summarize The Author's Opinion of "Aguirre: The Wrath of God"
See it! See it! See it! No, really, see it!

Being A Tale of The Scale and, In Part, The Joy of Imaginary Weight-Loss
So, in what I intend to become a weekly Tuesday morning (or afternoon, or early evening, whichever time I actually wake up) ritual, I got out of bed and went to the gym here on campus to weigh myself.

Long story short, sans shirt and shorts the scale reads 337.0 lbs.

That is good news. See, I estimated my current weight (and you can see this in the post below) to be in the 360's. Why? Well, the last time I was on a scale, it only went to 350, and the nurse said I was a bit over the maximum. (BTW, that is embarrassment). In truth, I expected the scale to read about 365.

I am pretty sure that this difference is attributable to my  lifestyle on campus, which is less sedentary than at home.

Bottom line, I lost ~23 imaginary pounds in less than a day.

Current Weight: 337.0 lbs.
Goal Weight: 200.0 lbs.
Weight Lost So Far: 0 lbs.
Weight Still To Lose: 137.0 lbs. (Wow, large number)

Today for lunch I ate 2 bananas, a plate of grapes, and a hard boiled egg, which I washed down with a glass of water. I feel good.


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